Changes Log for dekagen (ex ripenc)

Changes in version 1.0.2 (released 2004-07-05)

  1. Fixed bad file handling in function "newmenu", fixed re-setting of the "WHOLE" option in some cases, improved name filtering in "MANUAL" mode, and fixed (non-)capitalization of file names.
  2. Removed non-ASCII characters from the source code and improved the quoting.
  3. One new naming convention (#8).

Changes in version 1.0.1 (released 2004-01-12)

  1. Fixed re-setting of encoder=none and ripper=none to defaults when re-starting dekagen.

Changes in version 1.0 (released 2003-07-21)

  1. Re-written the function "killbgjob", which should now work safely even in multiuser environments.
  2. If the CDDB query returns multiple results, the user will be prompted for his choice.
  3. Sanity checks for almost all options:
  4. Added support for dagrab, id3tag, and mp3info.
  5. Added support for id3v1.1 (i.e. with track-number entry) with id3tool. I'm sorry this breaks backwards-compatibility, you'll need at least version 1.2 of id3tool.
  6. The script guesses whether your "dialog" understands the option "--backtitle" or not. This was mostly done for FreeBSD.
  7. Some more minor changes and updated the documentation.

Changes in version 0.9.1 (released 2002-04-08)

  1. Fixed oggenc calls after they changed the command line options.

Changes in version 0.9 (released 2001-11-23)

  1. First version published under the new name "dekagen". Included some functions for an automatic migration from ripenc to dekagen.
  2. Re-written function encodeit. This provides:
  3. Added support for cda/xmcd version 3. Improved the offline access to the local CDDB via cda-3.
  4. Some improvements of the sed expressions.
  5. Added one new naming convention (#7).
  6. Some more minor changes.

Changes in version 0.8.1 (released 2001-03-02)

  1. Added support for the lame encoder.
  2. New bitrate settings available.
  3. Encoding now is done only after a song has been completely ripped.
  4. Added online help (shows manual page).

Changes in version 0.8 (released 2001-01-16)

  1. Re-written the entire user interface. We now make use of 'dialog' for all interactive communication. All setup is now done in a separate menu. There are additional dialogues for the user's information.
  2. When aborting the program on <CTRL>c or <ESC> or selecting the 'Cancel' item in the main dialogue, background encoding activities will be terminated. This will not be done if the program is left on the 'quit' menu item in which case background encoding and ID3 labelling will proceed normally.
  3. Users will be asked for confirmation in any case - even when the 'whole CD' option has been chosen. (Sorry for this not being a simple yes/no-dialogue box, but only a textbox allows to show an arbitrary number of lines.)
  4. Added failsafe features for most dialogues and options.
  5. Restructured the program code. The functions 'checkrm', 'showmenu', 'toggle' and 'choosecddb' have gone, inserted new functions 'killbgjob', 'newmenu', 'setup' and 'main'. Changed the names of some variables and temp files.
  6. We are much more polite and we now support command-line options. :-)

Changes in version 0.7.1 (released 2001-01-10)

  1. RipEnc now supports exclusively 'id3ed' for generating ID3 tags. See file README for details.
  2. Changed some defaults. Fixed missing confirmation after choosing tracks on CDDB menu.
  3. Re-written all the documentation.

Versions prior to 0.7.1 were released by Michael J. Parmeley.

Changes in version 0.7

  1. Encoding has been put into the background! Some menu options have been added to facilitate this change so you can see what is going on in the background. NOTE: the Small Hard Drive option still works...if you select this option encoding will not be put into the background...because it would defeat the purpose of this option.
  2. A new song selection menu. You can toggle the songs that you want on/off. (Thanks Justin Lee)
  3. Signal trapping has been added...cleans up after itself if an abort signal is received. (Thanks Evan Jones)
  4. Temp files and the rc file is now kept in ~/.ripenc. This should change automatically.
  5. Made changes to the function that retrieves the CDDB info. Made it shorter (less pipes) and utilized more sed stuff.
  6. Minor menu changes...should make it easier to see your options (or maybe it is just bloat...but I like it).

Changes in version 0.6.1

  1. Added the device to the cda command line.
  2. Fixed naming convention 3 for manual naming.

Changes in version 0.6

  1. Added support for l3enc.
  2. Added support for tosha (a FreeBSD ripper).
  3. Added support for id3 tags with mp3info and id3ren.
  4. The bitrate for encoding can now be chosen.
  5. Track numbers now have a leading zero if necessary for sorting purposes when listing the files from the command line.
  6. A Small Hard Drive option that instead of ripping all then encoding all does rip, encode, rip, encode, etc.
  7. Made the encoding process safer by removing the dangerous *.wav from the encoders command line and instead utilizing a file that lists the filenames of the wav's that need encoded.
  8. 4 new naming conventions added. Two of them utilize subdirectories named according to Artist or Album.
  9. Minor menu changes, such as instead of having a menu to pick yes or no (which is pretty silly if you think about it) yes and no are just toggled. The same thing with manual and cddb.
  10. Slashes "/" are now taken out of regular CD listings too instead of just various artist CD's.
  11. Maybe some minor annoyance stuff that I can not think of.

Changes in version 0.5

  1. Fixed more potential (real for some people) problems with formatting CDDB listings of "Various Artist" CD's.
  2. Minor changes to the menu interface.
  3. Combined the functions that perform the ripping process into one instead of having one for ripping the whole CD and one for ripping selected songs. The same thing is now accomplished with one function. This is transparent to the user.
  4. Changed the formatting of the CDDB data to only utilize two intermediate files instead of the 5 that was used before. This is also transparent to the user. Except if I broke it:-)
  5. Fixed other minor annoyances that you may or may not have noticed before. (Maybe they were only annoying to me)

Changes in version 0.4

  1. Added another naming convention option.
  2. Fixed minor (major to some people) problems associated with various artist CD's, especially soundtracks.
  3. Fixed other misc. problems with some "regular" CD listings.
  4. You can now choose your CD-ROM device. I had planned on doing this myself but someone contributed some code before I got around to doing it. I don't have a name for who it was (only an e-mail address), but thanks.
  5. The script now automatically removes the .cddb and .inf files that cdda2wav creates.
  6. Added some stuff to the sed source file that the script uses (.ripencsed).
  7. Can list the files in your working directory from the script now (probably only handy to me...but I put it in anyway)
  8. Cut down on the number of files that the shell creates by utilizing more pipes instead of outputting to files.
  9. This is related to 1 and 2 but I have put some stuff in the script that deals with "non-standard" listings in the cddb database. There might yet be CD listings that the script chokes on, but I am trying my best to take care of all the ones I find.

Changes in version 0.3

  1. Menu driven interface
  2. Various Artist CD's now work! Thanks to Bryan Mayland for his contribution.
  3. Added support for cdda2wav as a ripper and 8hz-mp3 as an encoder.
  4. Program now saves your defaults in .ripencrc .ripencrc used to be the sed source file, that is now .ripencsed The shell changes this for you automatically.
  5. Confirm your song selection before ripping.
  6. Will create the working directory if it does not exist.
  7. Re-structured some of the code so reading it is not like trying to solve a cruel maze.
  8. Numerous other small changes that make it a lot better

Changes in version 0.2

  1. Added the capability to select and name songs manually. This avoids absolutely having to use CDDB.
  2. You no longer have to have a separate sedsrc file. The script now checks for it and creates it if it is not there. It is now called ".ripencrc" and resides in your home account. You may delete "sedsrc" if you used 0.1.
  3. Added the option not to automatically encode after the ripping process. This was done so that you could exit gracefully after the ripping process if you do not use bladeenc. Also done so you can rip more CD's before starting the long encode process.
  4. Took out the annoying comments. Will put more informative comments in at a later date.